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Benefits of Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga is something that people of all ages can do and this is a great exercise for the elderly as well. In addition to improving your physical fitness and posture, it can also help improve mindfulness and help you relax.

Many people turn to yoga to improve their flexibility

And when people age, it is quite common for their muscles to stiffen up and the joints to become less flexible than before. When this happens, it can lead to the person moving less and gradually, their mobility will decrease. But yoga is a gentle exercise method to improve your flexibility and movement. There are many yoga postures that can be practised to improve your mobility.

You can search for yoga classes for elderly online to see whether there are any in your local area. By getting out of the house and joining a group class for yoga, you will be able to meet other likeminded people as well. And with time and practice, you will find that it is easier to move and you are more comfortable in your daily life. This can have a positive effect on your quality of life.   

Older individuals are prone to falls and injuries because they don’t have good balance

But this is something that can be improved by carrying out balance exercises in yoga and certain standing poses. This is a great way to improve coordination and you will find that you are steadier when moving around. This will give you more confidence in being more active as you are assured of your balance. It is not just physical wellness that improves with yoga; this is a practice that improves your emotional condition as well.

With age, it can be hard to reach out to others and many people struggle with anxiety and loneliness. But you can rely on the mindfulness exercises of yoga to relax and let go of your anxiety. There are medication and breathing exercises you will get to practice in a yoga class. This will help you reduce stress. You will feel cantered and feel a sense of calm when you regularly practice these exercises.

Pain management can also be improved with yoga

Some of the chronic conditions faced by the elderly are lower back pain and arthritis. With yoga classes, you will be provided with a non-invasive solution to manage the pain that comes with these conditions. This is a drug-free method of dealing with pain. The gentle stretches in yoga along with certain poses can help improve the health of your joints. In addition to flexibility, you can also build your strength through yoga.

When you hold a yoga pose for some time, there are many muscle groups that are engaged as a result which will help maintain muscle mass. It will also help maintain bone density. These aspects tend to decline with age but you will be able to have a positive effect on this when you incorporate yoga into your daily life.

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